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Samson Bakare

Samson Bakare, born in 1993 in Nigeria, is a distinguished multidisciplinary artist making waves in the contemporary art scene. Known for his dynamic portrayal of dark-toned bodies against vibrant, flowery backgrounds, Bakare's works are a celebration of African identity and aesthetics.

Inspired by his father, an architect, Bakare's passion for art blossomed at a young age in Lagos. He began with drawing comics and replicating movies, showcasing his innate artistic talent. Bakare's formal training in art began with an apprenticeship at the Universal Studios of Art at the National Theatre, Nigeria, laying the foundation for his diverse artistic skills.

Furthering his education, Bakare attended the School of Art and Design at Yaba College of Technology, majoring in painting. This phase of his education was crucial in honing his artistic technique and developing his unique style. His graduation marked the beginning of a promising career in the art world.

Bakare's art is characterized by its unique Afro-classicism style, a blend of traditional African art forms and classical techniques. His signature portrayal of dark-toned bodies set against dynamic backgrounds is complemented by his use of brilliant colors. His work is known for his protruding eyes and detailed irises and pupils, adding depth and emotion to the subjects.

As a multidisciplinary artist, Bakare is proficient in various mediums, including acrylic on canvas, fiberglass, spray paints, wood, and paper. He creates life-size sculptures in fiberglass, adding a compelling dimensional expression to his Afrocentric point of view. His approach to art is both innovative and reflective of his rich cultural heritage.

Bakare's talent has been showcased in numerous international art fairs and exhibitions in Lagos, Accra, Houston, Miami Beach, Abidjan, Cape Town, London, Hong Kong, Taipei, Vilnius, and Paris. His collaboration with Gucci and participation in critical discussions on decolonization and identity at The Cultural Summit in Abu Dhabi have significantly raised his profile in the global art community.

A member of the Arts in Medicine Fellowship and the Society of Nigerian Artists, Lagos chapter, Bakare's contributions to the art world have been recognized and celebrated. His sculptures have featured on the front page of Dada Magazine, highlighting his impact on contemporary art.

Samson Bakare's journey from a young artist in Nigeria to an internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary artist is inspiring. His commitment to exploring and expressing African identity through art has made him a significant figure in the contemporary art scene. His unique style and impactful works continue to redefine African aesthetics and resonate with audiences worldwide.

Select Group Exhibitions
2022 Interaction ,Galerie Zberro ,8e, Paris, France

Artist Record Prices
The 2023 record price for Samson Bakare was for Simba in Mickey Mouse Top
The 2021 record price for Samson Bakare was for Everything blue and beautiful, 2021

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