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As an experienced professional in the field of art dealing, art collection, and curation, my expertise lies in the realm of contemporary African art. My profound passion revolves around the promotion of talented emerging artists hailing from various regions across the African continent. Throughout my tenure within the art industry, I have garnered a distinguished reputation due to my discerning eye for emerging talent, extensive knowledge of contemporary African art and prevailing trends, as well as my celebrated ability to facilitate connections between artists, collectors, and esteemed institutions worldwide.

In my capacity as an advisor and curator, I have been afforded the opportunity to curate exhibitions and organize events that magnify the richness and diversity inherent in African art. My unwavering commitment resides in dismantling barriers and fostering enhanced cultural exchange through the profound medium of art.

Whether you possess a seasoned collector's discernment or are a novice venturing into the captivating world of contemporary African art, I stand ready to offer unparalleled guidance and expert advice. Together, let us embark on an exploration of the vibrant realm that African art encapsulates.

For further details and requests contact me here.

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