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We are delighted to connect with art enthusiasts, collectors, fellow curators, and individuals passionate about African contemporary art. Me and my team is dedicated to promoting the richness, diversity, and transformative power of art from the African continent.

If you have any inquiries (including artworks), suggestions, or would like to collaborate on projects related to African contemporary art, we would love to hear from you. Whether you want to share your insights, propose exhibition ideas, or simply engage in conversations about this thriving art movement, we are here to foster meaningful connections and exchanges.

To get in touch, please reach out to us through the form. Our team will respond promptly, and we look forward to connecting with you and exploring the vibrant world of African contemporary art together.

Let's celebrate the talent and creativity of African artists and amplify their voices to inspire and provoke thought on a global scale. Contact us today and join our journey in championing African contemporary art.

Voßstraße, 10117 Berlin, Allemagne

Thank you for your message!

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